Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recipe to Heal a Heart

Let's start with tenderness, gentleness, attention, affection and then let's add happiness, sincerity, communication, enthusiasm and lots of care; we mixed them with hugs and kisses, to be given to the heart with much fidelity and passion, many times a day, as often as the heart requires and in a few days that heart will be completely healed.

-Art and Writings to Nourish Your Soul by Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Healing Quotes. Inspirational. For Reflection

Life is more than a race, it is the path where you’ll learn to transform tears into smiles, loneliness into companionship and desolation into unconditional, perfect Love

Happiness happens, when the heart is at peace, not only with our own tranquility, but besides, as part of a commitment of Love towards everything in the universe.
If I didn't have dreams, I would be as a piece of marble, which has not been sculpted. As a field, that was never cultivated. As a bird that never learned how to fly.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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