Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life's Dilemma with Time. For Reflection.

Life found herself in front of a dilemma since Time was asking her: " I want you to answer in a very honest way, what part of me is most important to you?"
Life wanted to be condescending with Time and realizing that it was a long time to the future, she wanted to answer, the future. But before giving an answer her sons and daughters told her: " Mother, do not leave nor abandon us, the future is uncertain for you, and also for us, what's most important of Time is the past because the history of the history has been formed there. And what we have, gained or lost we have, but we don't know about the future."
Then Life said to Time: " What's most important about Time is the past."
And Time was astonished because he had thought that all time passed is past but for Life the past time is earned life, since who knows about the future?

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